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Houses in Motion are for People in Motion in a city that moves. And Athens is moving, fast.
Apartments Houses in Motion in Athens city - Houses in motion

Apartments Houses in Motion in Athens city

The apartments of Houses in Motion are in the best neighborhoods of Athens, a few minutes away from the Acropolis and its famous Museum. We have carefully selected our locations so that you, the People in Motion, can enjoy the Athenian Culture as well as the Athenian lifestyle, the local and international restaurants, the bars and the nightlife. All apartments are at a walking distance from the historic and commercial centers of Athens.
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Facilities & hospitality - Houses in motion

Facilities & hospitality

But most importantly, our top priority is the famous Hellenic hospitality. Houses in Motion is a highly professional and at the same time extremely friendly family-owned project and the owners, Hermes and George are personally available 24/7 to greet you, ensure that all your needs are taken care of and make sure that your stay in Athens will become a lovely and memorable experience.
Welcome to Athens
We are looking forward to being your hosts.

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Apartments in the best neighborhoods of Athens